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4 Things to Remember About Dating an Older Man

There’s enough difference between the two sexes when you only take into account men and woman as genders. Introducing other variables into that mix can lead to a wide range of differences between two people such as experience and life perspective. This can be especially true when a younger person is dating an older man. This kind of relationship can be considered taboo and this is one of the reasons why. He could turn out to be a sugar daddy! You know that sugar daddies are common and men look for sites that explains how to become one so they… Continue reading 4 Things to Remember About Dating an Older Man

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Why You Should Never Sleep with an Ex

Ending a relationship is usually tough on both parties, but sometimes things dissolve relatively amicably and there aren’t too many hard feelings. Maybe you meet up with your ex later on, at a party or at a friend’s event, and things get a little heated between you. After all, if you were dating someone, you clearly had chemistry with them. Sometimes chemistry doesn’t go away even though the relationship ends. Sleeping with your ex may not seem like that bad of an idea at the time, but there’s quite a big possibility you will wind up regretting it later on.… Continue reading Why You Should Never Sleep with an Ex


Japanese-Only Games That You Should Import

In the gaming industry, there are development companies all over the world; from Electronic Arts and Activision in the United States, Nintendo and Sony in Japan, and NCSoft and Neowiz Games in South Korea. Due to this simple geographical barrier, not everyone will be able to play every game in their region. Here are some of the best Japanese-only games that you should import. Note that while some of these games you will need to be fluent in Japanese, others you can get by knowing nothing. Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 The original Ouendan game came out… Continue reading Japanese-Only Games That You Should Import


Why Paying for Antivirus Software is a Dumb Idea

If you had the ability to sit down and program up any kind of software that you wanted, because you worked so hard to develop your skills, would you choose to create something that destroyed other computers? Of course not! That would be evil and malicious, and it’s not something that normal people do. Unfortunately, there are plenty of others out there who think of that idea and happily agree to it. Hackers who create viruses pose a huge threat to your computer, and if you do nothing to protect yourself, they can and will take advantage of you. You’ve… Continue reading Why Paying for Antivirus Software is a Dumb Idea


Party Games to Pull in Your Family

Multi-player games have certainly shifted over the years. Where it was once a matter of hooking up another controller, more and more games are moving online. Split screen has been replaced with separate TVs, yelling at an opponent gets some extra distance over a mic. While this does offer some great experiences, it can make connecting with those in the same house as you harder. It is on this connection though, that party games still thrive. Nintendo, through the years, have been great for groups of all ages. Here are a couple games that the whole family can crowd around… Continue reading Party Games to Pull in Your Family


Getting the Most Out of Your Wireless Router

Your wireless router is one of the most important pieces of technology in your home, because it allows you to connect quickly and easily to the network with any of your devices no matter where you are in the house. To that end, you should want to get as much functionality out of it as possible. While you could simply remove the router from the box, plug it in, and be ready to go, you should consider going farther than that. There are a number of methods you can use that will enhance the experience you get from using your… Continue reading Getting the Most Out of Your Wireless Router