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Why You Should Never Sleep with an Ex

google-exEnding a relationship is usually tough on both parties, but sometimes things dissolve relatively amicably and there aren’t too many hard feelings. Maybe you meet up with your ex later on, at a party or at a friend’s event, and things get a little heated between you. After all, if you were dating someone, you clearly had chemistry with them. Sometimes chemistry doesn’t go away even though the relationship ends. Sleeping with your ex may not seem like that bad of an idea at the time, but there’s quite a big possibility you will wind up regretting it later on. Much like falling for dating scams repeatedly, or using guide to internet dating to avoid bad online personals sites, you need to have a plan for dealing with your ex. There are some very good reasons you should avoid sleeping with an ex, and you should keep them in mind the next time you find yourself in temptation’s way with nowhere to turn. These are just a few of the reasons why you should never sleep with your exes, no matter how enticing the idea may be:

It Complicates Things Too Much

First of all, it is important to note that sleeping with an ex is a bad idea mainly because it complicates things way too much. Being the ex of someone is already a bit of a complicated situation, especially if the chemistry is still there. Still, you should have boundaries with your ex, and that means you shouldn’t sleep together. You might wind up rousing old feelings that were better off left alone, and that can wind up making things far too complicated and difficult than they need to be. While it might be tempting to hook up with an ex, you can bet that it will wind up complicating your relationship in ways you never wished for. Keep that in mind before you find yourself tempted to go ahead and sleep with an ex. It won’t wind up working out for you.

It Isn’t Worth It

While you may be tempted to sleep with your ex, it’s not worth it. Sure, the sex might be good and you might be satisfied in a way you haven’t been in a while, but in the end it is far too much trouble than for what good it will do you. You would be far better off hooking up with someone that you don’t have any personal ties to. Having sex with an ex can lead to a feeling of intimacy and closeness, but in the end you’re going to wind up regretting it because you could wind up making things way too messy. Plus, if you just recently broke up, you’re going to make the breakup even messier than it might have already been. It just isn’t worth it to sleep with an ex, so keep that in mind before you wind up making a decision that will haunt you. Instead consider getting a new person in your life. Yes, dating online is a crapshoot but with assets like the DRG guide you can build out good strategies for finding love online.

You’re Exes for a Reason

Obviously, you broke up for a reason. Whether you were the one doing the breaking up or it was the other way around, you aren’t together any longer and that might just be the way things should stay. Sleeping with an ex just makes thing more complicated than they need to be, and you can wind up making things way more painful for yourself than they might have already been. You don’t want to sleep with an ex to get your hopes back up for a continued relationship only to realize it meant nothing to them yet again. Stay away from having sex with your exes and your life will suddenly be filled with a lot fewer regrets. You’ll thank your future self for your discretion, though your ex might not feel the same way. Remember why you broke up and stick to your guns instead of letting temptation sway you, as it will rarely result in a positive outcome and it just isn’t worth it to make things messy between the two of you. Move on and find someone better to spend your time with. If you’re a single parent, you know that single parents have little time for dating, so hooking up with an ex might seem attractive, but there are so many optimized dating tactics and reviews for those that have less time then single people that there’s no reason to get re-involved.

Having a boyfriend can sometimes seem like more trouble than it is worth, especially during the rough patches. However, you may find yourself trying to tough out these rough times because you feel obligated to your boyfriend or you feel like you have to be in a relationship. This is all well and good, although it is not particularly a valid reason to stay in a relationship. However, it’s understandable why some people might feel this way. Men know that meeting single women can be tough so they use websites like this test options to help them find the right combination of tactics. Why should you put up with a bad BF instead of just getting a new one? Still, there has to be a line that can’t be crossed in situations like these. How much should you be putting up with from your boyfriend? If you really feel like you’re being treated poorly or that you could be treated better by someone else, you need to know exactly how much you should be putting up with. Nobody deserves to be treated poorly by someone who is supposed to love them, and you’re going to need to understand exactly when to stop putting up with it. Here’s what you need to be keeping in mind.

Is He Really Hurting Your Feelings?

If your boyfriend is starting to really hurt your feelings, you’re probably putting up with more than you should be. He may claim that he doesn’t mean to upset you, but if he is upsetting you, then it’s not something you should be putting up with. Don’t let him use the excuse that he is just that it sharing his emotions, either. If he is actively hurting your feelings on more than one occasion, then it is probably not the type of relationship that you really need to be in. You would always use online internet dating strategies like when we found in this gem where it’s crazy to think we went without it for years. Once you tell him that he’s hurting your feelings, he should accept that and try not to do it again. If he continually hurts your feelings on multiple different subjects, nothing is going to change and it’s not the type of relationship that you need to be involved in for a long period of time. You deserve better, and there plenty of fish in the sea who will treat you like you deserve to be treated.

Is There Any Reason to Keep Him Around?

letter.jpg Little Girl's 'Brake Up' Note Offers A Serious Dose Of Real Talk
letter.jpg Little Girl’s ‘Brake Up’ Note Offers A Serious Dose Of Real Talk

Another thing you’re going to want to keep in mind is if there is any reason to keep him around or not. This may sound harsh, but it’s definitely something you need to keep in mind. If he is really not bringing anything to the table in terms of the relationship anymore, then it’s probably not worth it to keep him around. If the relationship no longer feels loving and just feels like a chore, then it is not something that you need to drag out. If he’s not worth keeping around and he’s not treating you properly, you don’t need him at all. You may not want to be single, but you will feel much better once you get him out of your life and find someone who actually cares for you the way you deserve to be cared for.

Why You Need to Cut the Crap

This entire thing may seem a little too harsh to you, but you need to understand exactly why it’s time for you to cut the crap. You may feel like he’s the best you can get. You may feel like you don’t deserve any better. You may absolutely loathe being single with a passion and want to avoid it at all costs. It doesn’t matter. Nobody deserves to be treated poorly in a relationship, and you can definitely get better no matter what you might think about yourself. If he doesn’t value you for the beautiful person you are, he is not someone you need in your life. It’s just not something that you should allow yourself to put up with at all. There plenty of other people who will be willing to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Go find yourself new exchange partners in the wild world of swinging for couples; that may end up being more hot and fulfilling for you.

Keeping Romance Alive Long-Distance

It’s easier to stay in touch long distance now than it ever has been, but it’s a double-edged sword because it’s also easier to meet people who are long distance and end up miles apart from your romantic partner. This doesn’t mean the end of a relationship, but it often takes more effort and communication from both parties for it to be a fulfilling relationship. Often, long distance is for a short determined period, like going to serve in the army or going away to college or an exchange program for a few years. Sometimes, it can be more permanent circumstances with two parties working and living on opposite coasts or even continents. The further you live from one another, the more expensive it is to see each other regularly which may or may not be a concern. It’s important to talk to each other about hopes, expectations, and the desire to commit to a long distance relationship. Once you’re on the same page and looking to keep your long distance romance alive, it’s time to start getting creative!

Virtual Dates

Commit to virtual dates at least once a week, or more often depending on your schedules. Not seeing each other at all during your normal day-to-day interactions makes sitting down on Skype regularly important to maintaining your connection with one another. You probably also text and email during the week to keep each other up to date, but face time is most important. Virtual dates on Skype can be simple sitting and chatting while you both munch on popcorn. You can watch the same movie in two different places and comment to each other as you go. If you want to get really into it, you can have one person at home and the other out filming a date scenario on a smart phone or tablet. A lot of your relationship is about communication so be sure to make time to express your lives and feelings to each other frequently.

Have a calendar of times you get to see each other. Depending on distance it might be once a month, once every other month, or just once every 6 months to a year as finances and work permit. However often, always have the next date set and be serious about sticking to them. It helps you both to have a time frame and something to look forward to. Take turns visiting one another or meet up halfway and spring for a hotel for some quality alone time. Try and plan a longer vacation of a week or more for just the 2 of you at least once a year to reconnect and get quality time together. With your lover, it’s good to lovely to hook up quickly but you can also use tips form that are easy as hell once you know how to use them.

It can be hard to convey your feelings from hundreds of miles away, but small details can add to a bigger picture. Be sure to text good morning and good night, send emails midday just to talk about what you ate for lunch or dreamt about last night. Give that inside look into your life that only someone close to you would to constantly build your bond. For special holidays, after that last fight, or just because send your partner a gift to the office or their house to show them you care even when you can’t be there.

Having children can be great, but it also takes a lot of work. Both parents need to be willing to compromise, and try to see the overall big picture when it comes to parenting. When one partner is constantly getting their own way, it can be damaging to both the child as well as the relationship between partners. Before you decide that you want to have children, you must first learn whether or not your partner wants them. Afterward, you and your partner will have to sit down, and then discuss if the two of you are actually ready to start having children. This isn’t 50 Shades of Grey and you need to know that without work you’re doomed. There are sites like this pop up that will whip the shit out of your love life into good shape

Have You Spoken About Parenting Methods (And Are You Both On the Same Page)

One way to know if the two of you are ready to have kids is if you’ve actually spoken about the type of parenting methods you plan to use on your children. There’s nothing worst than having children with someone only to find out that their parenting methods are the exact opposite of yours. If you don’t believe in spankings, and your partner does, it can cause stress and confusion within the relationship. You child who doesn’t know what is happening, and may feel like they are at fault for whatever issues their parents are dealing with can even feel the stress.

If you’re ready to have children, you should have already spoken about your parenting methods, and you should both be on the same page. There may be a few things that the two of you may want to do differently, but you should be able to accept what that other person wants to do. If you can’t, then you may want to put off holding children with this person. You want to bring children into a household where both parents support each other. Anything other than that could possibly emotionally damage the child.

If you haven’t spoken about parenting yet, now should be the time to start. Be honest when you are speaking with your partner. Lying isn’t going to do you any good, and may actually harm both your future child, and your relationship. Get everything out in the open, and be willing to make compromises with each other. If there are things that the two of you absolutely will not compromise on, you may want to think really hard on whether or not the two of you are ready to have children.

Do Both of You Want to Have Children (Or Is One Person Trying to Convince the Other)

Another way to know if the two of you are ready to have children is when both of you actually WANT children. Some relationships have one partner who is pressing for children while the other partner just goes along with it to keep the peace. This is a dangerous recipe for any type of relationship, and if this is something that you are willing to do, you should probably avoid having children. Having children when only one part of the couple actually wants children will leave the child feeling unloved by one of their parents. It will also make the parent who didn’t want any children feel like they’ve been given a burden to take care of. Neither of these situations are healthy for anyone involved. I mean if you’re going to have kids, you should probably stay away from fetish dating sites and tips like those on guide kinky that offer manual and reviews to BDSM.

If you discover that your partner doesn’t actually want to have children, don’t try to persuade them to change their mind. It could be one of the worst things you could ever do to a person. Instead, ask your partner to talk about what they don’t want children. Be willing to accept their answers.

If wanting children is important to you and your partner isn’t willing, then you may need to accept that it’s time to move on. You shouldn’t feel like either of you is at fault for the relationship ending. As difficult as it may be to end a relationship, try to take some relief from the fact that you didn’t have children than only one of you wanted. Having children is a huge step for any relationship. It requires a lot of responsibility, and even more communication. You are responsible for someone’s life, so make sure you give them the best possible one they can receive.