Successfully Dating Around a Language Barrier

A language barrier can be tough, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo dating someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you. Languages are learned, which means they can be taught. If you want to date someone who speaks a different language than your own, you are going to have to be willing to give a bit of effort to both learn your partner’s language, as well as teach your own.

Improve Your Chances by Making an Effort to Learn Their Language

Cross Cultural Relationships Require Some Effort
Cross Cultural Relationships Require Some Effort
Dating someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you can indeed be difficult, but you can make things easier (and improve your chances with them) by being willing to learn their language. There are numerous resources out there, both free and otherwise, that can help you learn almost any language in the world. Of course, learning a new language will take effort, but by doing so, you are ensuring that you become even closer with your partner.

Before you decide to learn their language, you should let your partner know. If you have no idea how to properly communicate this to them, search the web for people who fluently speak the same language as your partner. You can also contact your local library, and see if they can also offer their services to help make sure that you have your phrases correct. Tell your partner that you want to start learning their language, and then ask them if they are willing to help you learn, or if they know someone who can teach you. They will be so excited that you are willing to put in the effort to learn their language that they will also try to learn yours. The two of you may even consider trying to teach each other. Free apps such as Duolingo are great for learning new languages, and if you want a more in-depth learning experience, Rosetta Stone can be great (though it is pricey).

Research Their Cultural Gestures

Learn Each Other's Culture And Language Its Part Of Getting To Know Each Othe
Learn Each Other’s Culture And Language Its Part Of Getting To Know Each Other
If the language learning aspect is going slower than you’d hope, don’t forget to do some research on your partner’s cultural gestures. Many times the two of you can have a full conversation without ever speaking a single word. It is important not to assume that your own cultural gestures are the same as theirs. You could end up doing something extremely offensive that ends up destroying your relationship before it even picks up.

The best way to go about learning you partner’s cultural gestures is by taking some time to watch movies and videos that feature actors and actresses who are of the same culture of your partner. These films should be in your partner’s language, but make sure you have subtitles so that you can understand what’s being said. You may even learn a few different words and phrases that way. Try to get a variety of movies from different genres, so that you’re able to express more feelings and meanings of different types. Practice using these genres with your partner, and ask them whether or not you’re doing them correctly. Don’t forge to teach them some of your own culture gestures as well. The more the two of you learn about each other’s culture, the easier it will be for the two of you to communicate.

Give Your Own Language Lessons

A Language Barrier Will Stop You Only If You Let It
A Language Barrier Will Stop You Only If You Let It
When you want to give your partner their own personal and unique language lessons, the best way to do it is to make time where other people won’t interrupt the two of you. Search online for easy language lessons to teach your partner. If you discover that you may need to start out slow, and possibly on a lower level than you expected (for example, teaching them with the same type of information you would give to an elementary school student), don’t feel alarmed. Learning a different language can be difficult for some people.

Don’t try to force your partner into learning too much too quickly, or you will end up overwhelming them. As difficult as it can sometimes be, learning and teaching a new language can be rewarding or both you and your partner. Don’t let something as minimal as a language barrier stop you from dating the person of your dreams.