Valentines Gifts That Suck

On Valentine’s Day, it is a common practice to give your special someone a gift. However, the problem is that there are so many kitschy and overdone gifts that most valentines don’t really seem that special anymore. You would be correct to say that a majority of the gifts you see in the supermarket or in Hallmark stores really are not something that you would want to give to your significant other. If you want to seem thoughtful and like you have it together this Valentine’s Day, make sure that you avoid these awful gifts.

Singing Stuffed Animals

Singing Stuffed Animals Are Creepy, Loud And Annoying
Singing Stuffed Animals Are Creepy, Loud And Annoying
Please, please do not give your loved one a singing stuffed animal. They are creepy, loud and annoying, and they are as clichéd as heck. Just stick with regular stuffed animals or better yet, get something else entirely. But no matter what, don’t be that creepy person who gives singing stuffed creatures as disturbing gifts.

Heart Necklaces

Avoid The Heart Shaped Necklaces Cliché
Avoid The Heart Shaped Necklaces Cliché
Jewelry is pretty and a nice gift, but heart shaped necklaces on Valentine’s Day are way too overused. Either wait to give out the heart themed bling at another date, or get something that doesn’t involve the overuse of the jeweled heart. In general, you want to make your significant other feel special, and generic heart necklaces do not do that.

Plastic Containers

Avoid things that are made of plastic or encased in a container that is plastic. Especially with creepily shaped hearts and other disturbingly molded plastic containers, you are much better off abandoning ship and looking somewhere else. Normally shaped containers are generally fine, but try not to get the ones that try to aim for cute and fall firmly into the category of ‘yucky.’ Your valentines will be better without the hearts with crazily staring eyes, there is no doubt.

Bad Humor Cards

These cards will either end up falling flat or they’ll offend somebody. Buying a card from a store is also incredibly distant and bland. Try writing a heartfelt note or making your own card. This kind of homemade gift is much better for getting your feelings across, and it just ends up being sweeter.

Valentines Themed Clothing

This kind of gift is just bad because you can only ever use it once a year, and that part of the year is over. Valentines themed clothing also gets tacky really quickly, and it’s just not a good idea to get things like that for people, no matter the holiday. So avoid themed clothes and go with something tasteful that can be worn year round. PICTURES: The Worst Valentines Day Pictures Ever


Play It Safe And Go For The Classic Flowers & Romantic Kiss
Play It Safe And Go For The Classic Flowers & Romantic Kiss
While it is true that many people love chocolate, there are instances where it makes a crummy gift. Like if your significant other is trying to get fit for New Year’s don’t encourage them to feast on a giant heart full of assorted chocolates. Get something else for your partner, and don’t get them chocolates or candies of any kind. Find something cute and inedible, or go for the timeless classic of flowers instead, and you will be much better off.