10 Signs It’s Time to Fire a Long Time Employee

When someone has been with your company a long time, it gets harder and harder to fire them. You may have known in the back of your mind for a long time now that it’s time you shook someone off the payroll, but it’s hard and you’re not sure how. Here’s ten tips that will let you know that you can’t put it off any longer: it’s time that you fired them even if it’s hard.

You’ve Talked to Them Multiple Times

They Are Stuck In Their Old Ways
They Are Stuck In Their Old Ways
When the same mistakes keep happening over and over, you know that it’s time for them to leave. You’ve been working them hard and they’ve been failing you. You started out patient, but now that time has passed. They either straighten up and start earning back your trust and more chances or you give them their walking papers.

They No Longer Apologize for Mistakes

You can also tell that it’s time for them to go when they’re no longer sorry for what they’ve done. If they can listen to you telling them that they made a mistake without blinking there’s just nothing left to be done with them. You’re better off with someone who cares.

They Could Be Replaced

Be honest with yourself: does he really do something that no other man could do? Is he a superhero who happens to work in accounting? Probably not. If you looked you could find a qualified professional who would do a better job than he’s been doing lately. That’s how you know it’s time for him to go. He’s replaceable.

They Show Disrespect to Those above Them

If Your Employee Is Not Focus On The Job Its Time To let Them Go
If Your Employee Is Not Focus On The Job Its Time To let Them Go
People who have gotten complacent and comfortable with their superiors rarely make for good employees. Remember how familiarity breeds contempt? If he’s willing to be disrespectful to your face or to the face of someone who works above him, ditch him.

They Haven’t Been Advanced at a Normal Rate

He Is Not Learning New Skills To Advance In The Company
He Is Not Learning New Skills To Advance In The Company
You should know about how long it should take an employee of yours to advance. If they’ve been working at the same job for ten years and everyone who hired on with them has either left the company or has been promoted above their heads to know that he’s just not a good investment. If he had been you would have promoted him by now. Don’t doubt your instincts when it comes to people you’ve promoted and people you’ve kept where they are.

They Don’t Hide the Fact They Want Another Job

Some people are incapable of leaving a job. Even if it’s a job they hate. Even if they’ve been complaining about going into work since the day they were hired. Some baby birds will never fly and have to be pushed out of the nest. If they’re that miserable, fire them and release them from their suffering. You’ll also be releasing your other employees from having to listen to it.

They Don’t Enjoy the Work

Maybe they used to be a different person and now they’re not. If they hired onto a dog grooming agency as a dog lover and now, six years down the line, have discovered that they don’t even like dogs anymore you know that you should let them go. They need to have passion, and when it’s used up you should replace them.

You Can’t Tell If They’re Lying

Some people get to be very good liars. When you’re dealing with someone like that, you don’t really know what’s going on or what they’re really thinking. You can’t trust them, and that means that you shouldn’t have them around. Liars have no place in your employment.

They Are Teaching Others to Be like Them

One bad apple will spoil the bunch. If you had a hard working crew who is rapidly becoming as sulky, bitter, and pointless as your one bad employee you can blame him for setting a terrible example. Get rid of him and the rest will fall into line.

Their Fitness for the Job Has Changed with Time

No Longer Fits In The Always Changing Market
No Longer Fits In The Always Changing Market
Did you hire a bright young man for physical labor who’s since put on too much weight to be efficient? Has an old injury made them weaker than they should be, or do they need glasses for a job that should really be done without them? If they’re no longer fit for the job it’s your duty to fire them.