Party Games to Pull in Your Family

Multi-player games have certainly shifted over the years. Where it was once a matter of hooking up another controller, more and more games are moving online. Split screen has been replaced with separate TVs, yelling at an opponent gets some extra distance over a mic. While this does offer some great experiences, it can make connecting with those in the same house as you harder.

It is on this connection though, that party games still thrive. Nintendo, through the years, have been great for groups of all ages. Here are a couple games that the whole family can crowd around the TV to play together.

Super Smash Brothers for Wii U

Multi Player Games Like Super Smash Brothers Are Great Fun
Multi Player Games Like Super Smash Brothers Are Great Fun
Everyone’s favorite Nintendo characters are once again alive and kicking. This fighting game recently came out on the Wii U to much acclaim. The setup is non-existent, but also completely unnecessary. More than fifty beloved characters, from the old Duck Hunt Dog, to the much younger Rosalina battle it out for fun and glory.

Handicap is a useful feature in the game that helps mixed groups of people playing together. If you turn it on and play a few matches, veteran smashers will steadily find it harder and harder to win, giving the more inexperienced members a chance to catch up.

Another feature of the game that’s good for mixed groups is Smash Tour. Set up like a board game, each player chooses a Mii as a piece. As players go around, they collect statues for the fighters they will be able to use in a final brawl. This helps shake things up, getting players to try out characters they might not have otherwise. Also available for collection are power-ups, allowing for players to increase their damage, speed, defense and more. Once the set number of turns have passed, players take everything they have to one big brawl. For those who don’t feel up fighting, however, they can let the CPU take over. The exploration and strategy of the board game is already engaging enough.

Fortune Street for Wii U

Choose Between Mario And Characters From Dragon Quest
Choose Between Mario And Characters From Dragon Quest
Picture Monopoly, but a bit less likely to start a war. Players choose between Mario characters, Dragon Quest characters, and created Miis for pieces. Once gameplay starts, each one rolls a dice to move around a board, buying up properties as they go. Gameplay ends when one player has made a set amount of money, determined by what board you’re playing. Games might run a little bit long for younger players, but overall the turn-by-turn experience has been smoothed out to make it easier than Monopoly while still fun. Other features like bonus boards and random chance moments can change up the game at any time.

Kirby Air Ride for Gamecube

This old gem has a lot to offer. A racing game, it takes advantage of Kirby’s changeable nature. As you speed along the tracks, you have the chance to absorb standard enemies littered through the environment. Kirby takes on their powers, giving players either attacks to disrupt other racers, or speed and turning boosts to get ahead. Here are some Kirby air ride cheats

The actual races are only scratching the surface, however. There are all sorts of competitions, from being able to jump highest or longest, to doing battle from the carts. These are best experienced in City Trial mode, which starts players off on a basic vehicle in a large environment. Players have a pre-set amount of time to zoom around, collecting power-ups and trying to find the best flier. At the end, they compete in a random competition, which was only hinted at through the city. The city is great to explore, with many nooks filled with treasure to discover. In addition, random events will happen to either disrupt movement or offer exclusive bonuses. Some of these include the appearance of legendary machines, which have speed and flight capabilities. These have to be assembled, but finding all the parts takes both skill and luck even with the longest city exploration.